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Sreem Aparna శ్రీం అపర్ణ

Aparnaa Sahitam Devam Daarukaa Vanavaasinam! Nageswara Maham Vandae Sarwaabheesta Pradaayakam!!
అపర్ణా సహితం దేవం దారుకా వనవాసినం! నాగేశ్వర మహం వందే సర్వాభీష్ట ప్రదాయకం!!

Sri Sarma Garu born and brought up in Tatiparti, E.G.Dt, AP. He learnt Smarta, Veda and Jyothisha from various eminent Gurus in various ashramas in his childhood. Then returned to his native and played a main key role in constructing the Aparna Amma temple as a part of Siva Panchayatana in his village. At that time, it is the first in this world having a temple with the name 'Aparna'.

He practiced and researched Vedanga Jyothisha in-depth and delivered various papers and lectures on various daises in various occasions and in various locations.

Sri Akondi Venkateswara Sarma Garu, Chairman -Sreem Aparna Seva Trust

He got Doctorate from one of the American Universities on submitting one of his research papers.

He compiled and released various books such as Aparna Vratakalpam, and some books on Lord Siva and on Subrahmanya etc.,


With a noble gratitude and with a humble motto to give something back to this society, he himself established 'Sreem Aparna Seva Trust' in 2013 and has been conducting many activities as part of this trust. The main aim of this trust is to provide finest Education and an appropriate Medical facilities to poor.

Sreem Aparna Seva Trust events and activities

Seva activities recently conducted by trust 

Sreem Aparna Trust Activities

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